Fourth Way to Boost Your Home Value

Make the MOST money from selling your home

Fourth Way to Improve your Home’s Value : Painting

If you are looking to give your home a new look painting is significantly the most effective!

Painting will increase your value by 1 to 3% in potential return. This way is the best to freshen up the appearance of your whole home or the rooms that you feel need it the most!
You do not have to paint the whole inside, that may cost thousands of dollars! You should however, think selectively. We will be focusing on two key areas that are the most important rooms of a home. That is the kitchen and bathrooms! Kitchen and bathrooms should have a neutral set tone color, you typically want to paint them an off white or white color. It is most attracted to all people, however earth tones are super popular right now so you can go with beige or gray but keep it on a lighter color scale.

Also if you have those rooms that are bright colors or such as purple, pink, green, blue get those painted too and let’s bring it back to a neutral palette that is more appealing to most people. If you are planning to do this for yourself, you can estimate to spend around $100 to $200 max depending on the value or quality of the paint that you may wish to purchase. Or if you plan to hire a professional you are looking anywhere from around $250 to $350 a room depending on the size of the room and maybe even more for the bigger rooms (master bedroom or living room).

Here are a few popular colors that can help you out when choosing a light natural look! You can visit Sherwin Williams for the best Interior & Coating quality paints.

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