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FHA and Home Mortgage Loans

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FHA and Home Mortgage Loans [gap height="5px"][/gap] [gap height="5px"][/gap] Raoul:             Everyone, this is Raoul Amescua with The Hanover Group at Keller Williams Realty here in Rancho Cucamonga, California. And today, we have the fortunate opportunity to interview Seth Anapolsky from Full Circle Home Loans. Seth, why don’t you take a moment and introduce yourself. Seth:               Thank you very much Raoul. I’m very excited to be here. Again, my name is Seth Anapolsky. I’m the owner of Full Circle...

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Why Estate Planning Is Important?


Why Estate Planning Is Important? https://youtu.be/Q3tIWB6MSnU&autoplay=1&width=300&height=275 [gap height="5px"][/gap] People ask themselves why do they need estate planning or what exactly does it do for them? Many people are under the false impression that estate planning is only for the rich. This is not true. lt is not about how much wealth you have accumulated. It is about what and who is important to you. What if a person only has a home and a life insurance policy? To some, this...

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What is Title Insurance & Why is it Important?

What is Title Insurance & Why is it Important? https://youtu.be/0buwu0FOcuM&autoplay=1&width=300&height=275 [gap height="5px"][/gap] As real estate is the nation's largest market, its purchase and sale is essential to the health of the U.S. economy. However, these transactions are never without risk. That's why title insurance has been protecting American homeowners for more than 130 years. Tim and Debra Galli have been married for 28 years and have been working together as a team in the title insurance industry for 25 years....

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Why you want to use an Enrolled Agent when it comes to your IRS Income Taxes

Why you want to use an Enrolled Agent when it comes to your IRS Income Taxes The only thing we are guaranteed in life is death and taxes. Well other than eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise, and not smoking I really can’t give you too much sage advice for the former. However, being a business owner for over 15 years I do have some guidance that hopefully can help you to save you time, money and stress. By sheer...

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