Technology in the Real Estate Market

Technology in real estate market

Technology in the Real Estate Market

Developing practical uses for new technology is something everyone attempts to do to help further their business. It’s really hard to imagine how only a few years ago the term “Social Media” wasn’t even in a person’s vocabulary, let alone being utilized the way it is today. At the Hanover Group, we utilize the latest technology to assist in promoting a property to be sold.

One of the most recent ways technology is being utilized is through the use of Arial Drone videos to help showcase properties to perspective buyers. With internet viewing becoming the primary way people view properties for sale, it’s imperative to showcase those properties in such a way which captures a potential buyer’s attention. Arial Drone video allows a unique perspective on many properties allowing potential clients to experience a more natural feel to viewing a property, which is difficult to experience through traditional photos and photo slideshows. Arial Drones can paint pictures of the property and its surroundings in new lights to better showcase the atmosphere of the area.

In addition to utilizing Drone video, The Hanover Group markets properties with the use of property-specific websites with property-specific URLs. While many agents will list several properties on one website, properties have a chance of getting lost in the promotion of other properties. By creating property-specific websites, your property is put into the spotlight as the center of attention it deserves to be! Combining multiple avenues of technology creates an exclusive showcasing experience which only The Hanover Group can provide.

You can view some of our property-specific websites and Drone footage at the links below:

926 N Isabel
555 W 1st St
501 S Victoria Ave