Second Way to Boost the Home Value of Your Home

Make the MOST money from selling your home


There are 5 ways to BOOST the Value of Your Home. The Second way is to Spruce up the Kitchen! 

Hey everybody this is Raoul Amescua with The Hanover Group , Keller Williams and today we’re going to tell you about tip #2 and how to improve your home’s value and how we are going to do that is by sprucing up that kitchen.  First you need to make all minor repairs that can lead to second thoughts for buyers when looking at your home. This includes the leaky faucet, loose light fixture and marks on countertops. So this is going to cost anywhere from $300 to $5,000 but then the end result is going to improve your home’s value anywhere from 3- 7% to maximize your sales price.

So check it out this is what you can do to for $1,000 you can  but you can repaint , put on new cabinet hardware or even repainting those cabinets that are really outdated or refinishing them. Now if you want to spend a couple thousand dollars more you can get new countertops and new flooring , granites popular but what is really popular is quartz so you can look into that, it’s not much of a cost difference . The other thing you can do is buy all new stainless steel appliances were just talking about your refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and oven so you’ll most likely need about $5000. However if you’re doing yourself here a hot tip, there a really cool new laminate flooring, it just hit the market it that looks like hardwood floor it’s super easy to install. It looks great!

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