First of 5 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home

Make the MOST money from selling your home

There are 5 ways to BOOST the Value of Your Home. The first is to Clean up, Clear out! Nothing drives away would-be buyers faster than clut­ter, grime, and the weird smells that accompany a messy home. Vital to the process is de-cluttering and depersonalizing the space as much as possible. Buyers will have a hard time imagining themselves in your home if it’s filled with family photos and other personal effects. It blocks buyers from envisioning their family life there. When you go to a new built home or very well staged clean home, you will notice there is not many family photos or personal effects. It shows the house in the best possible light to maximize your sales price.

Now if you are a do it yourself person, you can rent a storage unit and store all your personal effects in there for a short period of time at a very low cost. If you need any help, you can also hire a professional organizer to help you out! Here’s a hot tip for you! You can simply go to the “National Association of Professional Organizers” (NAPO, pronounced NAY-poh) to locate an organizer near you.  They can do anything from doing the whole job or simply give you the advice you need.  Remember, if you are a do it yourself person the cost will be $0. If you hire a professional organizer the cost can range anywhere from $600-$2500.

You may ask yourself what is my net gain? The net gain is 3-5% of your home value. If your home is worth anywhere from $300,000- $500,000, we are talking about a lot of money! And if your home is estimated value is more than $500,000 the gain is much higher!

Lastly, before you have any open houses or any tours, make sure you open up every door and every window so all the natural light possible can come into your home.

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Second of the 5 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home!