The Hanover Group Markets a Home with Numerous Tours

The Hanover Group Markets a Home with Numerous Tours

Have you ever stopped to think how your real estate agent is marketing your home for sale?  Did they make their marketing strategies and techniques clear when you had your listing appointment?  When it comes to selling your home, the only thing a real estate agent or a real estate team has control of, is how they MARKET YOUR HOME for sale!

The Hanover Group at Keller Williams Realty in Rancho Cucamonga, is doing more to market homes for sale than anyone else in the market area. The proof is in the results (or the pudding, as they say). Recently, The Hanover Group took a listing in North Upland, California and in a short amount of time had over 40 buyers to tour this property due to the team’s marketing efforts.

The home seller was so excited she could barely contain herself! She had so much interest in her property and received multiple offers, due to the team’s robust marketing strategies and techniques. The home seller accepted the best offer with price and terms she was extremely fascinated with. In addition, she has a backup offer with identical price and terms ready to go, just to be safe.

That being said, when considering to hire a real estate professional to list/sell your home, there’s much more than just putting the home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)! You need to have knowledge and confidence in your agent or real estate team’s marketing plan and strategies. You must know how the real estate team you hire plans on marketing your property.

So here are some important questions to ask when hiring a real estate team or agent to sell your home:

Does this real estate team or agent have a dedicated marketing system in place? Or are they just winging it?

– The short answer is that The Hanover Group at Keller Williams Realty has a robust marketing system that is second to none and we can show it you.

Say the real estate team or agent shows you a great marketing to sell your home, how do you know if they are actually going to do what they say?

– The Hanover Group at Keller Williams Realty actually has a proprietary system called Brivity (check it out at and other tools that provides our clients with constant marketing updates and activity reports for your property. This way you know we do, what you hired us to do.

So call us today at 909.942.6165 or email to find out how your home should be marketed and how you will be kept in the loop and not in the dark.

If you’re interested in a FREE home valuation simply go to A detailed market analysis report of your home will be sent directly to your email. No fuss, no muss!

Authored by:

Raoul Amescua


The Hanover Group at Keller Williams Realty